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Meager snowpack portends ‘grim conditions’

Meager snowpack portends ‘grim conditions’

Last year set the record for the driest January and February in terms of snowpack for the upper Columbia basin since records have been kept, but this year could challenge that record. “This year’s going to break it if we don’t get any snow next week. Then we’ll have a zero-snow …
Welcome to winter — at last

Welcome to winter 
— at last

By Ann McCreary
You know all those winter storms battering the Midwest and East Coast that we’ve been hearing about here in the Pacific Northwest? “Those were our storms,” according to
Scant snow has economic impacts

Scant snow has economic impacts

By Ann McCreary & Marcy Stamper
Ski trails are often described as the economic engine that drives the Methow Valley, and this year that engine is running low on what fuels it — snow.