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County amends code for Mazama developments

The Okanogan County commissioners unanimously approved an amendment to the county code that requires at least twice the minimum lot size for planned developments in Mazama. The change makes zoning in the Upper Valley more consistent with that in the rest of the Methow Review District. The commissioners adopted the amendment on Monday (March 24)....

County commissioners to hold meeting about parks and rec board

By Ann McCreary
A special meeting to discuss Okanogan County’s Park and Recreation Board has been called by Okanogan County commissioners for Thursday (March 27) at 5 p.m. …

County, employee unions in mediation over new labor contracts

By Marcy Stamper
Eight of the unions that represent Okanogan County employees are in mediation after repeated efforts to settle expired contracts proved unsuccessful. A ninth union is still in negotiations, according to attorney Rocky Jackson, who was …

County commissioners repeal two ATV ordinances

By Marcy Stamper
The Okanogan County commissioners have completely repealed two county ordinances adopted last year that opened hundreds of miles of roads around the county to ATVs. A new ordinance, signed Tuesday (March 4), states that one of the ordinances “suffers from …

Transit authority gets loan to jump-start operations

By Ann McCreary
The new Okanogan County Transit Authority (OCTA) has secured a bank loan to help with startup costs, after being turned down for a loan by Okanogan County commissioners. Creation of a new countywide bus system received strong support from voters …

County seeks more state money to finish shoreline plan

By Marcy Stamper
The Okanogan County commissioners are awaiting a decision from the Washington Department of Ecology (DOE) as to whether the agency will …

Commissioners exempt smaller projects from environmental review across county

By Marcy Stamper
The standards for which construction projects will automatically be reviewed for potential environmental impact will be the same across the county, following …

Salmon recovery: County gets answers, but questions persist

By Marcy Stamper
Although the Okanogan County commissioners learned a lot about enhancing habitat for endangered fish, volunteer efforts that reduce erosion, and upgrades to fish screens that benefit …

County ups ante to get early input with federal agencies

By Marcy Stamper
The feds and the county are getting their coordination act together.

Beardslee tapped as hearing examiner

By Marcy Stamper
The Okanogan County commissioners will hire surveyor and land-use consultant Dan Beardslee for a one-year trial period as hearing examiner.