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Santa's helpers

Santa’s helpers

At the Twisp Valley Grange Hall on Friday (Dec. 12), Manger Mall coordinator Glenda Johnson, on left, volunteer Kim Claussen, and dozens of other volunteers filled tables with age- and gender-appropriate toys, games, dolls and stuffed animals for parents to select for their children. The Manger Mall itself took place on Saturday (Dec. 13), where...

Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Manger Mall fast approaching

Deadlines are approaching for local residents who want to take advantage of the Neighbors Helping Neighbors and Manger Mall programs this holiday season. To register to receive a food basket from Neighbors Helping Neighbors, local residents are asked to apply at The Cove in Twisp in person on Thursday (Dec. 5) or on Dec. 12....

Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Manger Mall in holiday overdrive

By Don Nelson
Neighbors Helping Neighbors and Manger Mall are going into high gear the next few weeks to collect money, food and gifts.
Blanket statement

Blanket statement

Glenda Templeton, left, Patsy Rowland and Jovonna Wilson display some of the blankets they have made for this year’s Manger Mall event. The trio made 20 hand-tied fleece blankets last year and would like to exceed that number this year. “You don’t have to be a super-colossal seamstress to do this,” said Wilson. Manger Mall...