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Becoming a Master Gardener

Becoming a Master Gardener

`The purpose of the Washington State University Extension Master Gardener Program is to train volunteers to be effective community educators in gardening and environmental stewardship. Master Gardeners provide information generated from research at WSU and other university systems. Successful applicants must complete the online training course; attend scheduled classes; pass quizzes and exams; and volunteer...
Telling stories: Our gardens reflect who we are

Telling stories: Our gardens reflect who we are

By Theresa Miller

Every garden has a story to tell and many of us who garden here in the Methow Valley have our own. A garden is so much more than just growing food. Our gardens reflect who we are and how we want to interact with our garden space and surroundings. For...

The  garden  is a grand  teacher

The garden is a grand teacher

By Laurelle Walsh

Some of the Methow Valley’s youngest gardeners are outside this week, turning over cover crops, preparing beds for planting, putting seeds in the ground, pruning perennials and making compost.

Methow Valley School District students — 320 of them, from kindergarteners to high school seniors — make gardening …