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is a complimentary listing of events in (and sometimes around) the Methow Valley.

Submissions may be submitted by email HERE,
or by phone
post (P.O. Box 97, Twisp, WA 98856),
in person (502 S. Glover Street in Twisp),
or by fax

Please do not email information in the form of a digital poster or PDF. Type it out.

Priority is given to free and nonprofit events, followed closely by wildly entertaining or educational events.

Because calendar listings are free, they are subject to deadlines as well as editing for space and formatting consistency, at the discretion of the Methow Valley News. Due to space limitations, wording is kept to a minimum, including the information listed below.

A contact phone number must be included in the posting. Website and email addresses are not used in the calendar at this time, for a variety of weird reasons.

For requests beyond the What’s Happening limited parameters, please contact our advertising department at

We also have this handy form HERE

1. Title of the event
2. Short description
3. Date of event
4. Address of event
5. Time of event
6. Cost of event
7. Phone number
8. Your name

Deadline is Friday at 5 pm for the following Wednesday paper.

Thank you and have a marvelous day.