From Liberty Bell High School Class of 2014


The Liberty Bell High School Class of 2014 recently followed through on the annual ritual of painting the water tower behind the school with a distinct image: an upside down “14” and (mostly) upside-down senior signatures. Class president Kathleen Chavey-Reynaud said one of her classmates suggested that the inverted number looks like a big “hi,” and they went with the idea. “We were trying to be friendly,” Chavey-Reynaud said. The tower was painted before school started by about 14 students using a ladder. Fletcher Rickabaugh figured out how to paint the number upside down, Chavey-Reynaud said. “He’s good at spatial reasoning,” she added. The class of 2014 message is painted over the class of 2013’s senior prank: they painted the tower pink to support breast cancer research and treatment.

Photo by Don Nelson