Today is Saturday, Mar. 25, 2017


Fire Summer

By Julie Tate-Libby

It was the summer of fire
not one, but many
so many
you thought the whole valley would burn
gone up together like some of sort of
end-of-the-world rapture.


By Tamara (Dicus) Hillman

How can this be—in one fell swoop,
only memories remain
of places I so cherished
and would visit once again?
Now only devastation,
ash, and cinders lie
where once I spent my childhood—

Where I’m From

By Marina Bianchi

I am from tall mountains, and pristine rivers

from badminton games on the lawn I helped grow myself,

from snow forts and tree forts and a love of the earth

I am from bad jokes and seal laughs,

I am from “try it, it’s new” and “never give up”