Friday, Apr. 18, 2014

My Turn

The view from Afghanistan, and beyond

By Dana Visalli
I’ve been teaching at a private school for girls in Kabul, Afghanistan, for the past month (March 2014) — my fourth trip to this country in the last five years — and one thing I’m learning is that
Rec district is best option for meeting community’s need

Rec district is best option for meeting community’s need

By Julie Muyllaert
Imagine: the people of the Methow Valley partnering together to improve recreation for our children, adults, seniors and visitors — now and for generations to come. On April 22 voters can choose …
A Methow Valley Recreation District is unnecessary

A Methow Valley Recreation District is unnecessary

By Ron Perrow
I appreciate the motivation to organize recreation, and I acknowledge and support the concept of recreation as a major player in our Methow Valley economy. However, the proposal to control recreation under RCW 35.61 …
Methow Olympians make valley residents proud

Methow Olympians make valley residents proud

By Brad Hawkins
The Methow Valley abounds with recreational opportunities. Your trails cover many miles and are accompanied by the tranquility of aspen woods and …
Talking about suicide is first step in preventing it

Talking about suicide is first step in preventing it

By Adrianne Moore
In calm times, it is easy to stop talking about suicide. It can be a big, scary subject often full of personal connections and too many unknowns. To effectively prevent suicide in a rural community like ours …

Inside the fire station: a volunteer’s view

By John Owen Volunteer firefighting is a huge commitment that takes many of us away from our families to help our community. These volunteers are committed to providing professional emergency response services for our community, and keeping our fellow volunteers safe during calls. This becomes difficult when we have to work in an unsafe operating...

Serving the Methow Valley

By Brad Hawkins It is truly an honor to represent the 12th District in Olympia. It is one of the largest geographic districts in the state. Its boundaries include Chelan County, Douglas County and portions of Grant and Okanogan counties. Approximately half of Okanogan County, including the entire Methow Valley, resides in District 12, which...

Mindfulness is a good way to help kids grow and cope

By Sharon Cohen A good deal of controversy has surrounded the introduction of the Mindful Schools curriculum in Methow Valley schools. This is understandable since many are not familiar with mindfulness and associate it with religion or a particular philosophy of life. Actually, it is neither. Mindfulness is about paying attention — no doctrine or belief is...

Thanks to volunteers, tire recycling rolled smoothly

By Susan Ernsdorff Methow Recycles recently hosted a “Tire Amnesty” day, where local residents could drop off unwanted tires for no charge. We thought you’d like to know a little more about this. The day was part of a countywide series, paid for by a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology to the...

Memories of JFK assassination still run deep

By Mike Maltais With most of the world’s media acknowledging the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, on Nov. 22, 1963, it’s all but impossible to avoid revisiting one’s personal recollection of that tragic day. It would be difficult to find anyone who was then old...