It will cost more to throw away garbage at the county transfer stations and landfill starting in March. The tipping fee is going up by about 10 percent, for the first time since Okanogan County opened its new central landfill in the mid-1990s, said Ben Rough, administrative officer for Okanogan County Public Works.

The Okanogan County commissioners passed a resolution in early November increasing all disposal fees, for everything from household appliances to tires to municipal solid waste (regular garbage).

Disposal fees for some items have increased in the past two decades, but this is the first increase for basic garbage. The new rate will be $81.50 per ton, up from $74 per ton, said Rough.

The minimum tipping fee is also going up, from $11 to $15, but the weight allowance is also increasing, so you can dump 360 pounds for that fee, instead of 290 pounds.

The cost of tossing a tire will increase from $5 to $8, plus weight. Mounted large truck tires will be even costlier, going from $10 to $25 each.

Throwing away metal will cost the same as other trash. Appliances will be $15 each, plus weight, and large animal carcasses will be $35 instead of $25, plus weight. Sales tax is charged on all fees.

Although the new fees were in the works before the apple-maggot quarantine that went into effect earlier this month, the increases will help cover additional expenses at the Twisp transfer station. The county has added an attendant and two new bins there – one for green waste like branches and woody debris, and the other for fruits and raw vegetables and grass clippings, said Rough.

Commercial haulers like WasteWise Methow will have to apply to the Washington Utilities & Transportation Commission if they want to increase their fees, said Rough.

The new disposal fees take effect March 1.