By Erika Kar

For a sleepy November week, Mazama actually was hopping. Let’s start with the first elephant in the living room. Yes, you guessed it, the white stuff. Thursday was our first official snowfall, with Lost River receiving anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 inches on the ground, depending on who you ask.

Thursday was also the day that a strange ball of light was seen by a number of people. It occurred at approximately 5:45 – 6 p.m. I personally saw it while driving west on Lost River Road. It was about 20 feet above me and was the size of a personal watermelon. It gently arced toward the north side of the road and seemed likely to hit ground somewhere in the woods across from Eric Burr and Broennimann’s home or that vicinity. After the sighting was posted on the bulletin board, there were plenty of ideas as to what it could have been. An email was sent to Kevin at Look Up To The Stars, so perhaps we’ll get some scientific explanation.

The next elephant crowding our living room is named Smokey, as in smoke from the controlled burns. Little fires smoldering all over Mazama have made for some hazardous breathing air quality. It is eerily pretty at night to see small fires dotting the hills and along the roads, albeit a little apocalyptic feeling.

The Mazama Community Club held its potluck and annual Meeting on Saturday. The theme, which was well received, was “Leave No Waste Behind.” People were encouraged to bring their own plates, napkins, utensils and potluck item. Linda DuLac won a prize for the best table setting. According to Louise Stevens, almost 50 people attended this fun event which was emceed by Claire Bunney.

Louise gave her annual “history lesson.” This year was on the history of the Mazama Store. Her lesson is very interesting and will become a column all its own, as there is a lot of great information to share.

Nancy Kuta tells me that Jim Gregg is heading up a group to plan for a Mazama sign, to help identify the town. Other news from the meeting is that smiling Jay Lucas is retiring and was given the fantastic gift of a bubble ball lawn mower for all of his years of maintaining the clubhouse grounds. The board is seeking other volunteers to take over the lawn-mowing job. How about you? If you are interested, email

Movie Night at the clubhouse will soon begin again, and Don Davidson has selected the movies to help allay any winter doldrums that might creep up. If that isn’t enough, a birthday celebration for Robert Burns is planned for Jan. 10. The club’s celebration will include poetry reading, haggis and bagpipes. Nothing cheers up a winter day like haggis, I say.

Finally, this week in Mazama concludes with the Veterans Day gathering at the Mazama Store. It began with the annual flag-raising and then moved inside for coffee and goodies. Local vets were in attendance, including Lost River’s very own Rudy Peterson. Rudy showed off a patch on his flight jacket that came from his days of flying off the coast of Alaska during the Cold War. He clarified that this was the Cold War between the United States and Russia during the era in between WW II and the Korean War. Thank you Rudy and all vets for your service!