By Erika Kar

When Steve and Kim Bondi sold the North Cascades Base Camp to the Bush School two-ish years ago, there were a lot of changes for Mazama. Base Camp was just that for Mazama, a base camp for so many activities. One of the things that changed was the end of Soup Night. The Soup Night that the Bondis put on was a once-a-month dinner of soup and bread along with a talk that usually focused on the natural world.

Hilary Kaltenbach, the Bush School Methow Campus Program Coordinator, is looking to foster some community building between the Bush School and the Methow Valley. One of the ways she is building this bridge is by bringing back Soup Night. Hurrah! Second Thursday Community Soup Night will begin this Thursday (Nov. 8) at 5:30 p.m. This premiere Soup Night will kick things off with Room One’s “Adding Your Voice: The Youth Storytelling Project.” The event is $8 per person and the proceeds will benefit the Ian Fair Memorial Fund.

According to the website, The Ian Fair Fund for the Methow Campus was born overnight, and continues to evolve with new ideas and programs supporting students from both The Bush School and the greater Methow Valley in partnership with both The Bush School and Liberty Bell Junior-Senior High School.

Speaking of changes for Mazama, check out the progress on the new Goat’s Beard Mountain Supplies building! Not only is it going up quickly, but it is huge and beautiful. Once it is completed, open and operating, what will happen in the current Goat’s Beard building? As mentioned before, there is always the rumor swirling around about a pub, which would likely be wildly popular. But what other things could go into that space? A bar? Barbershop or hair salon? Better yet, a spa? But these are all my ideas, what do you think, Mazama?