The Town of Winthrop is hosting a public meeting on Aug. 22 to gather ideas and input about a continuing “Westernization vision” for the W-3 business zone. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the Winthrop Barn.

The town is seeking feedback on two main areas:

• What, as a business owner or property owner, has been a hindrance to your marketing or construction in regards to the Westernization code?

• What suggestions do you have to improve the community support and continuity of the western theme in the W-3 business district?

The meeting will not include discussion of the potential for solar panels in the W3 district.

The meeting will be hosted by an ad hoc committee appointed by the Town Council, at the recommendation of the Planning Commission, to review the Westernization ordinance’s regulations for solar arrays in the W-3 zone, and other considerations. The discussions originated several months ago when a proposal to amend the Westernization code to more broadly allow solar panels in the W-3 district came before the Westernization Design Review Board and the Planning Commission. No action has been taken on that proposal, which drew considerable public comment both supporting and opposing the amendment.

The ad hoc committee has already made separate recommendations to the Town Council regarding the solar panels issue.

On the ad hoc committee are council members Ben Nelson and Kirsten Vanderhalf, Jacque Wilk of the Westernization Design Review Board, Planning Commission member Teri Parker, alternative energy consultant Mark Crum and Rita Kenny, co-owner of Winthrop Mountain Sports.

For information, call 996-2320.