Photo courtesy of Confluence Gallery

Artist Karalee Kuchar’s “Upon the Threshold” will be included in Confluence Gallery’s new exhibit.

Confluence Gallery’s new exhibit, “Reflections on Water,” offers the works of more than 30 artists contemplating “the concept of water as inspiration and contention.”

The exhibit opens with a free reception on Saturday (Aug. 18) from 5-8 p.m. and continues through Sept. 22. “Reflections on Water” was curated by Jennifer Molesworth. She “created the show to discuss both the essential nature as well as the fragility of water systems,” according to a Confluence press release.

Molesworth, a longtime Methow Valley resident has a bachelor’s degree in biology and aquatic ecology. She has worked as a fisheries biologist for many years on habitat and improving streamflow.

“The power of water in its many forms. The play of light and shadow, reflected surroundings, swirling, rippling or still – such wonderful colors and textures,” Molesworth said in the press release. “And yet, many Americans have taken safe water for granted. A glass of pure clean water is such a gift of a clean and healthy environment. Safe water is becoming less of a certainty.”

Featured artists are Tamara Abate, Rick Balam, Jim Bauer, Dan Brown, Art Campbell, Caryl Campbell, Gregg Caudell, Pearl Cherrington, Susan Donahue, Mark Easton, Thome George, Salyna Gracie, Susan Gallager, Tamra Jennings, Tori Karpenko, Mary Kiesau, Karalee Kuchar, Corina Linden, Mary Lou McCollum, James Moore, Teri Pieper, Melissa Raye, Ginger Reddington, Cindy Ruprecht, Geoff Shilling, Ken Smith, Harvey Swanson, Katie Swanson, Jenn Tate, Michelle Trivieri, Hannah Viano, Rod Weagant, Vern White, Patty Yates and Amber Zimmerman.

Also opening on Saturday in the Community Gallery is an exhibit of paintings and drawings by Michael Caldwell, which also continues through Sept. 22.