Photo courtesy of Hanz Scholz
Stella Scholz was cheered on by her sister Gretta on the final climb to the finish at the state championships.

The Washington Student Cycling League Mountain Bike State Championships took place June 3 in Squilchuck State Park south of Wenatchee, where the Methow Middle School team of seventh-graders performed well to conclude their first year of racing.

“This was clearly the hardest course of the season in terms of passing and terrain,” said coach Hanz Scholz. “More than 90 percent of the course was either climbing or descending on narrow single track with no less than 28 hairpin turns.”

Stella Scholz rode to her second win of the season, claiming both the seventh-grade girls state championship and ending up tied in points in the series for first place. She was awarded first place overall due to more first-place finishes.

“The start was a steep uphill that soon dove into the trees onto a very narrow path,” the coach said. “Stella got a great start with a small lead. However, her main rivals, a pair of twins, Mandy and Molly Moll from Capital City Middle School in Olympia, had overtaken her at the halfway point.”

Stella Scholz overtook the Moll twins on the downhill section of the course and won by more than a minute.

Graham Sheley registered his best finish of the season, moving up to 12th place. “With each move up, he gets closer to the pole position for the next race start,” the coach said.”His brother Carter also had a strong finish at 21st place. All three kids are looking forward to racing again to next spring.”