Photo by Erika Kar
Bring you own bag to the Mazama Store, or your own beverage container, and you’ll be able to make a donation to a local nonprofit.

By Erika Kar

Like the rest of the valley, Mazama was full this past weekend. FULL. And many things happened. Some of which I should probably be reporting on, except that I tried to stay home. And I mostly did. Hey, what can I say? I wrote in my very first column that I am pretty introverted. You knew what you were getting. But thanks to the magic of the internet, it can appear as though I was out and about with my notebook in hand.

The Cascade Endurance races were run in beautiful weather on Saturday with 11-year old-Dexter Delaney winning the 5-kilometer in both the Males Under 12 Division as well as (drum roll, please) overall! Dashe McCabe won the Females Under 12 Division. Mahali Kuzyk and her brother, Bodhi, of Edelweiss came in first in each of their divisions of the 5K. Leslie Hall, also of Edelweiss, won the Female 19-59 Division of the 10K. I’m not sure what is in the Edelweiss well water, but it seems to produce some crazy fast people.

After the race and all the pancakes were devoured at the Mazama World Famous Pancake Breakfast, many people found their way over to the Mazama Store. The good folks at the store are working hard at not only feeding and caffeinating the world, but also reducing waste while doing so. If you bring your own bag or get your drink in your own mug, mason jar or tumbler, you will receive a wooden nickel. You then get to put your nickel into a jar designating a 5-cent donation to one of five Methow nonprofits. Your choices are: Little Star Montessori School, Methow Recycles, Methow Valley Public School Funding Alliance, The Cove and Room One. Missy LeDuc, mistress of all things Mazama, tells me that the project is going well and that she frequently needs to empty out the jars as they fill up so quickly.

On the days that I actually remember to bring my bag with me, I like to spread the love among all nonprofits, but the last time, I chose to donate to the Methow Valley Public School Funding Alliance. On Saturday (June 2), the PSFA is holding a big celebration to commemorate 15 years and nearly $1 million in funded programs for the Methow Valley School District. The event, which is purely a celebration not a fundraiser, is from 1 – 4 p.m. at the Twisp Terrace Lodge at Rockchuck Ranch (formerly the Tice Ranch). There will be free drinks and appetizers. I will be helping with bartending duties and I hope to see you there.

I’d like to end this hodge-podge of a column with some sage advice from Kevin Petty. “Let the stick float.” No one knows exactly what this means, but it seems fitting.