By Erika Kar

The ripples of Ian Fair’s life are still out there, still having impact, still making a difference. One place we can see it at the Bush School’s Methow Campus located at the former North Cascades Basecamp on Lost River Road. Ian had been the program director there and was working on methods for the school to connect in meaningful ways with the people of the Methow. What better way to get people to the campus than summer camps for kids!

Ian’s brainchild was nurtured and brought to fruition by Max Thomas, the interim program coordinator. I spoke to Max about this cool opportunity and I can tell you that he is genuinely stoked by these camps, as I think the kids will be too.

There are two science- and nature-based camps, both focusing on the ecosystems of the North Cascades. They are both five-day camps to be held at the Bush School’s Methow Campus, and run from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m., with a cost of $200.

The first camp, Camouflage Camp, is to be held from July 16-20 and is for students in grades three-five. There are 15 spots, half of which are already full.

The second camp, for grades one and two, will be held July 23-27. This camp is called Animal Detectives. Twelve spots are still available.

While the camps both will be focused on learning some pretty cool things about our outside world, Max also assures me that there will also be some typical camp activities such as songs, art and games.

To register, go to, hover on Experience Education and then click on Summer Programs. Scroll down to the bottom to Methow Summer Camps. For questions, you can call Max at (612) 986-0633.