By Ann McCreary

New, more-visible crosswalks and a bus stop will be built at the intersection of Canyon Street and Highway 20 in Twisp, across from the Hank’s Harvest Foods shopping area, through a federal transportation grant.

The Town of Twisp has been awarded $409,000 in federal Department of Transportation funding for the project, which will be designed this year and hopefully built next year, said Andrew Denham, Twisp public works director. TranGO, Okanogan County’s bus service, will contribute $50,000 to the project, Denham said.

The project will improve safety for pedestrians crossing Highway 20 from the shopping area to the residential neighborhood to the north. Currently, there is a marked crosswalk with “minimal pedestrian safety features,” according to the funding application for the project.

That crosswalk will be replaced with enhanced crosswalks using stamped concrete that cross Highway 20 and Canyon Street. A bus stop with an accessible boarding area and a shelter, with improved signage and lighting, will be built on the north side of the street across from the shopping area.

The project also includes construction of a sidewalk near the bus stop and construction of planted “refuge islands” on Highway 20, providing protected spaces in the center of the street for pedestrians and cyclists.