Photo by Marcy Stamper
Kim Thorpe can help people register vehicles and boats in Twisp.

After seven months without a local vehicle-licensing center, Methow Valley residents can now get titles and renew registration for cars, trucks and boats in Twisp.

Kim and Jason Thorpe, who’ve run a vehicle-licensing subagency in Chelan for more than 10 years, started to notice lots of Methow Valley residents coming to their Chelan location last December, said Kim.

They contacted the Okanogan County auditor and found there had been no applications or interest in taking over the business after the previous subagent closed the Twisp office in September.

Because the Thorpes were already licensed and had completed state training, they were appointed quickly, but it took several months for the Washington Department of Licensing to set up their computer equipment and internet connection, said Kim, who opened on Glover Street on Tuesday, March 20.

Kim and Jason have one employee. They will be taking turns staffing the Twisp location.

Subagents are sole proprietors who work under a contract with the state. They pay their own rent, utilities and wages and receive a service fee on all the licenses they process.

Subagents can transfer and issue titles for cars, motorcycles, boats, off-road vehicles and RVs. They also renew registrations for license tabs and can issue trip permits, which allow someone to drive a vehicle for three days to move it, usually used during a sale. They do not process drivers’ licenses.

The Twisp vehicle licensing center will be open Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a lunch closure from 1 to 1:30 p.m. For now, the center can only accept cash and checks, but the credit card equipment from the state should be installed soon, said Kim. People can also request their documents and pay online by credit card and then pick up the printed registration, title or license plates in Twisp.

The office is in the same storefront as the former licensing agent at the corner of Glover Street and Twisp Avenue. The phone is 997-1155.