Herbert L. Rosenberg

Herbert L. Rosenberg, of Twisp, passed away peacefully Monday, Feb. 12, 2018, at the age of 88, with loved ones at his side, after living a full and prosperous life.

Herb was born in Shawano, Wisconsin, to Alfred William and Frieda Irene Rosenberg. He was the youngest of four children, preceded in death by his siblings, Donald L. Rosenberg, Richard E. Rosenberg and Helen I. Domke.

From humble beginnings, Herb knew early on the importance of hard work and tried his hand at various small jobs throughout his youth, including making donuts at the bakery, tapping for maple syrup, working on the railroad, at a local dairy, on a bee farm, and at the hardware store where his father was manager.

Like most young men of his time in Wisconsin, he spent his days in the great outdoors hunting, fishing, and ice-skating in the winter.

Although he had fond memories of growing up in Wisconsin (forever happy to meet a fellow Wisconsinite), Herb was not destined to stay out east. The first road trip to bring him and a friend west was reported in the local paper. This adventure was well documented to include a stop to work at a logging camp in northwest Washington.

He returned to begin community college in Shawano, before joining the army in 1951 when he was sent to Korea during the Korean conflict. Upon returning to the United States, he began studies in forestry at the University of Minnesota. Another summer road trip just before his senior year of college took him to Alaska to join a fire crew before returning to graduate with a bachelor of science degree in forest management. With a degree in hand, he headed west again to begin work for Pope and Talbot in Port Gamble as a timber cruiser (walking through timber piles estimating the type and worth of timber before an offer of sale is made). His good work landed him a job at U.S. Plywood in Seattle a few years later.

Though a conscientious worker, Herb always found time to balance work with pleasure. In the 1960s, as a self-proclaimed ski bum, he would consistently place in races, taking first place in the men’s slalom at Stevens Pass during Bremerton Days. He often traveled to ski throughout the western United States, Canada, and in 1963 to Europe on a specially chartered plane for skiers before traveling via VW bug with friends through Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. Living on Lake Washington in the 1960s meant good times and friends a-plenty. Herb’s social and congenial nature mixed with an intense “when-you-least-expect-it” joker streak continues to prompt the remembrance of many hilarious pursuits.

Herb’s job and adventurous spirit took him to many locales in the west, but the place that stole his heart was the beautiful Methow Valley. While still working in Seattle, he bought a piece of paradise — a cabin up the Twisp River Road on Buttermilk Creek — visiting every chance he could, before finally moving over full time in 1968. Certified in a new profession, he worked for Guidepost Realty, before taking over North Cross-state Realty in the 1970s. An entrepreneurial, honest and astute businessman, Herb developed several properties in Montana, and in Ferry and Okanogan counties — including areas throughout the Methow Valley. His passion for responsible and proper development practices carried throughout the remainder of his life.

Leisure included keeping his mind as well as his body fit. He was an avid reader, and an informed and engaged citizen. Hunting and golfing kept Herb active outdoors throughout his retired life, while OPEC (Old People’s Exercise Class at Winthrop PT) was always a source of stimulation further widening his social circle. Cloaked with an overwhelmingly positive attitude meant things were always “great” if you asked. For Herb, life was lived to the fullest, following his heart, forever focused on the positives. For those blessed to have known him, he was an inspiration and loved as a dear friend — we will cherish the memories!

Please join us for a celebration of Herb’s Life on Saturday, May 5, 2018 –at noon — at Bear Creek Golf Course in Winthrop (food and refreshments provided). Bring your stories and memories to share!