By Sarah Schrock

The Methow never ceases to attract and cultivate artistic talent. Local photographer Lidija Kamansky recently received high honors from as one of the best 101 landscape photographers.

The website, which offers tips and advice alongside online photography classes, hosts a blog that reviewed current-day photographers in the landscape genre. They chose Lidija for her mood-inspired pieces that capture her passion for the outdoors.

According to Lidija, whose works have been showcased at the Confluence Gallery, photography is her true passion. In fact, she is so inspired by it she’s started a Photography Club! Each second Thursday of the month, Lidija will be giving photography lessons and tips for beginners or those who want to refine their art. The club meets at 7 p.m., at Liberty Bell High School. March 8 is the next meeting. For more information, you can contact her at (206) 850-7970.

Now on to some housekeeping. A few weeks ago, I featured a new mediation and dispute resolution practice here in Twisp called Project Connect, headed by Sherrie Farmer. I erroneously printed the phone for Farmer’s business, so I apologize to her and the people trying to reach her. Her number is (509) 341-4028. Project Connect is located in the Gloverville Addition building across the street from the Community Center.

Last night’s showing of “United by Water,” which was featured in Joanna’s column last week, was postponed due to technical difficulties. The production by WarPony Pictures was created by Derrick Lamere, a Colville Tribal member who hosted the showing. Unfortunately, the video got lost in the shuffle on a thumb drive and the download speed on the Methow Valley Community wi-fi was too slow to stream the picture without interruptions.

Despite the snafu, Lamere showed esteemed composure and grace through the stress of reconciling the issue and shared some personal insights into the creation of the film. Hopefully, another showing will be scheduled soon.

Mark your calendars for Mudshake Cabin Fever Reliever cancer benefit event at the Community Center on March 17 at 7 p.m. The music event will host local DJs, singers, dancers, musicians and bands from the valley’s eclectic to notorious performers. The event organizers ask for a $10 donation to help local families affected by cancer who are in need of financial help.

That reminds me, March 17 is Saint Patrick’s Day. Here in the valley, other than the Doran clan and few hidden Irishmen and women among the hills (like myself), wearing green seems to garner little enthusiasm for those who don’t have Irish blood — which seems to be quite a few people. I don’t blame anyone for not participating, but I will pinch you if you don’t! Good thing for you, I will be out of town.

St. Patty’s day marks my departure day from the valley for a month to embark on a long-anticipated journey with my family. Our foursome will be traveling to Madagascar for three weeks where we will join old friends to visit the sixth continent’s bewildering landscapes and biodiversity. We are going for all the reasons people go — adventure, sunshine, foreign immersion and lemurs! I hope to share our travels with you all upon our return. I plan not to bring a laptop. But until then, there are two more weeks of columns, so please send me tips and info to share!


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