Wenatchee Valley College at Omak’s student government has partnered with the Omak Theater to present the 15th Annual Omak Film Festival from Feb. 22 to March 15. The festival features seven current and acclaimed films.

“All films are up for Oscar nominations,” said Livia Millard, WVC at Omak multicultural coordinator. “The goal of the partnership is to bring films that would not make it to the Okanogan — films that are riveting, captivating, educational and entertaining.”

Upcoming films are:

• March 1 – 3: “Phantom Thread.” Set in 1950s London, a renowned dressmaker’s life is disrupted by a young, strong-willed woman who becomes his muse and lover. Rated R.

• March 2 – 8: “The Post.” The country’s first female newspaper publisher and a hard-driving editor join an unprecedented battle between the press and the government. Rated PG13.

• March 4 – 7: “Darkest Hour.” In this World War II-era film, newly-appointed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill must decide whether to negotiate with Adolf Hitler or fight against incredible odds. Rated PG-13.

• March 8 – 10: “I, Tonya.” Competitive ice skater Tonya Harding rises amongst the ranks at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, but her future is threatened when her ex-husband intervenes. Rated R.

• March 11 – 15: “The Shape of Water.” At a research facility in the 1960s, a lonely janitor forms a unique relationship with an amphibious creature being held in captivity. Rated R.

Regular admission is $9 for adults and $6.50 for children under 11. Discount matinees are $6.50 for all ages. To find out more about each film and which theater it will be shown in, visit www.omaktheater.com or call the Omak Theater, (509) 826 – 0860 or the Mirage Theater, (509) 826 – 1615.