By Joanna Bastian

I love emails like this one from Jack McLeod: “Joanna, in case you’re looking for a nice anecdote about people being good at heart and doing the right thing …”

Grab a steaming mug of your favorite heart-warming beverage, and maybe a box of Valentine chocolates, and enjoy this tale of two people, a ring, and a hero.

A very special wedding ring first appeared three decades ago on top of a mountain. Last Thanksgiving, the ring went inexplicably missing. Seven weeks later, the ring was reunited with the rightful owner at the last place anyone thought to look.

Jack and Eve first met in Seattle. They enjoyed the outdoors and took a mountaineering first aid course together. One day, Jack tucked a very special ring into his first aid kit as he packed for a hike with Eve. On top of the mountain, Jack told Eve he had to ask her a question, but wanted to take out his first aid kit, “because she might need to be treated for shock.”

Jack took out his first aid kit that was made from their mountaineering first aid course and revealed the ring to Eve as he proposed. “We floated back down the mountain,” Jack recalled.

While visiting a friend’s cabin over the last Thanksgiving holiday, Eve removed the ring and put it in her purse for safekeeping. When she arrived back home, the ring was gone. They had no idea when or where the ring went missing. Eve was heartbroken.

In mid-January, Jack and Eve were returning to the Methow Valley. Just before making the turn at Pateros, Eve suggested that they stop at the Super Stop in Pateros and inquire if a ring had been found. On a whim, Eve thought it possible that it fell out of her purse at the store nearly two months before.

Amazingly, the store had the ring! Accounting manager Sarah Alcala was keeping it safe. Seven weeks after going missing, the ring was securely settled back on Eve’s finger.

“We’ll be celebrating our 34th anniversary this June,” Jack wrote. “We’re so grateful for whoever found the ring … I’d like to rave about the manager for keeping the faith that the owner of the lost diamond ring would eventually show up.”

Howard’s Super Stop in Pateros offers more than just lost rings. The store is Pateros’ only mini-grocery stop. In the freezer case, you can find premium grass-fed beef from Double R Ranch in a variety of custom cuts. The store hosts a respectable selection of local wines and craft brews. Seasonal local produce is available all year long. The deli case offers homemade sandwiches and baked goods from the neighboring Rivers Restaurant. If you are coming home from a long trip, or heading up valley for a weekend getaway, the Super Stop is a great idea to grab some steaks for a grilled dinner, and pastries for the next morning. Or check the lost-and-found.


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