Photo by Don Nelson
Laura McCabe, a Methow Valley resident, was the first woman finisher in the two-day traditional Nordic skiing race.

Winthrop’s Sam Naney was the overall winner of the two-day traditional Nordic skiing race, over a total of 60 kilometers, in competition at the Methow Valley Pursuit last weekend.

Photos by Don Nelson
Methow Valley resident Sam Naney won the two-day traditional race handily.

Naney blazed from Mazama to Winthrop in 1:15:21 on Saturday, 5 minutes ahead of the second-place finisher. In Sunday’s race, from the Cub Creek trailhead to Mazama, Naney and the other skiers were confronted with less-friendly conditions (snowfall) and more challenging terrain. Naney’s time of 1:57.13 still led the pack by more than 6 minutes. His combined time was 3:12.34. Phillip Violett of Folsom, California, was 2nd, and Michael Karas of Seattle was 3rd.

Finishing 4th overall with a combined time of 3:34:30 was Laura McCabe of Winthrop. McCabe, a former U.S. Olympian, was the first finisher among the women skiers.

She was followed by Chad Gregg of Winthrop in 5th place. Other local racers were Leslie Hall, another former Olympian and second woman finisher, in 8th; Alex Hall in 11th; Louis Sukovaty in 12th; Peter Polson in 16th; Tracy Ross in 22nd; Danielle Micheletti in 23rd; and Andrew Waterson in 27th. Walker Hall of Winthrop, racing in the 17-and-under boys’ class, finished 4th overall on Saturday but did not race on Sunday.

In the pursuit freestyle competition over the two days, there was another local winner: John Spaude of Winthrop.

In Saturday’s 30K community loppet, local finishers were Soloman Woras in 3rd; Mahali Kuzyk, 4th overall and the first woman finisher; Bob Naney in 12th; Ginny Price in 13th; Alieta Gregg in 20th; and Jim Gregg in 21st. Pierre Ness of Leavenworth was the winner.