Photo courtesy of Aimee Budrow
Twisp Police Chief Paul Budrow was temporarily detained this weekend on charges of impersonating a civilian and being the parent of a Liberty Bell High School junior. Winthrop Marshal Dan Tindall was on hand to assure Budrow was a model inmate. The Budrow family raised “bail” by selling raffle tickets to free the chief.

Members of the LBHS junior class are raising money to help fund a trip to Washington, D.C., in March 2018. Students will travel to the nation’s capital to participate in a week-long program that focuses on the U.S. government. While in Washington, students observe Congress in action, meet with their representatives, and visit national monuments and museums.

Each student needs to earn $2,032.

Over 50 local businesses have donated prizes for a raffle. Tickets are still for sale and can be purchased from students at a number of locations for $10 each until Feb. 5. The drawing will be held Feb. 7.

Additionally, students are taking orders for locally grown mixed boxes of speciality Macoun apples and D’Anjou pears donated by Booth Canyon Orchards. The price for a 20-pound box is $38. Orders placed now will be delivered Nov. 15.

For more information or to help support the students, call Debbie Bair at (509) 429-2064.