Image courtesy of Lauralee Northcott

Though the CD isn’t due out until January, locals will get a preview.

Lauralee Northcott, longtime member of the award-winning Western music group the Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band, has finished a new CD of original songs and poems and is planning several “pre-release” appearances in the valley next month.

Northcott, who lives in Winthrop, will present selections from “On The Loose and Headed Your Way,” and autographed copies of the new CD will be available for purchase at the free perfomances.

Northcott said the CD isn’t scheduled for official release until January 2018, but she wanted to give Methow Valley residents a “sneak preview.” The schedule:

• Nov. 4, Methow Valley Ciderhouse, Winthrop, 6 p.m.

• Nov. 5, Methow Valley Community Center, for the Methow Valley Unitarian Universalists Fellowship (open to public), Twisp, 1 p.m.

• Nov. 8, Trail’s End Bookstore, Winthrop, 2 p.m.

• Nov. 10, Twisp River Suites, 5 p.m.

In addition to her careers as a singer/musician songwriter and teacher, Northcott was a wilderness guide and cook for more than 30 years. The songs in the new CD reflect her experiences in the wilderness, Northcott said.

Northcott was a founder of the Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band, which performed around the country from 1999 until earlier this year. She played bass, sang and wrote original music for the group, which was the Western Music Association’s “Group of the Year” in 2015 and winner of multiple harmony awards.

Northcott is also putting together a book that will include poetry and recipes from the trail.

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