The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board is considering allowing people to grow marijuana at home for personal recreational use.

The board is considering three options:

• Tightly regulated home grows of up to four plants per household. People would have to obtain a permit, take security measures, and register the plants with the state tracking system.

• A system that relies more on local control. People could grow up to four plants per household, and would have to obtain a permit and meet minimum state security standards. Local jurisdictions and counties would be responsible for authorization and enforcement and could set stricter rules than the state.

• A prohibition on home grows for recreational use. Home grows for medical uses would be allowed (this is the status quo).

Among the eight states that have legalized recreational marijuana, Washington is the only one that doesn’t allow home grows for recreational use. Washington allows authorized patients to have limited home grows for medical purposes or to be part of a medical cooperative.

Before adopting new rules, the liquor and cannabis board would have to take into account a 2013 memo from the U.S. deputy attorney general that provided guidance as states were legalizing recreational marijuana. The guidelines require states to prevent distribution to minors and to states where marijuana isn’t legal, and to prevent criminal activity and risks to public health and safety.

The board will provide its study of the options and a recommendation to the state Legislature by Dec. 1.

The board is accepting input on the options for home grows through Oct. 11 at The board is also holding a public hearing on Oct. 4 in Olympia. People can watch the hearing live through a link at