By Mandi Donohue

Last Thursday night, after a long shift of burrito-making at the Mazama Store, my husband suggested I swing by Bob and Mary Ann Sitts’ old place on Lost River Road. Bob passed away in 2015 and Mary Ann (age 96, I believe?) is now living on Whidbey Island. He told me the couple was being celebrated by the local community and the new owners in a potluck set up by Jill, the Sitts’ property caretaker.

I was pretty tired when I pulled in but was warmed when I saw the upstairs barn lit up, and heard laughter ring in the rafters. As I joined them, I was really glad I did. To me, it’s these kinds of moments and gatherings that make Mazama the community that it is. I got to see faces I haven’t seen in forever, met some new folks and got to hear some stories of “the good ol’ days.”  Mazama was a much different place when the Sittses moved here back in the 1970s.

The evening was wrapping up when I arrived, but my husband told me a funny story that he heard that night, I’ll do my best to remember. While the Sittses were living on the west side in Duval, they had a horse that was pregnant. They kept an eye on her but one night during a rainstorm, she finally gave birth to two twin mules, a very rare occurrence. One newborn was lying in a puddle and the other was in a creek drainage.

Photo by Mandi Donohue
Bob and Mary Ann Sitts were celebrated last weekend.

As Bob came upon them, he pointed at the one in the puddle and said “no,” it wouldn’t make it. He came across the other in the drainage and said “maybe.” Well, both mules miraculously survived and were given the names No and Maybe, and continued to be raised on the Sitts’ property in Mazama.

Last weekend, the Le Ducs hosted their 10-year celebration of owning the Mazama Store. They welcomed the community on the patio on Sunday with pulled pork sliders, baked beans, coleslaw and yummy pie. Whether you were a local or someone passing through, you were fed and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and happy faces. A big thank you to Missy, Rick and the rest of the family for their contribution to our community and a great celebratory feast! It was greatly appreciated.  

Finally, my husband mentioned last week that  he thought he saw something strange by the Weeman Bridge on Highway 20. As a parade of cars crossed over the bridge, they all swerved for whatever was on the road. Ashley Lodato confirmed his suspicions, asking if I’d heard about the “Weeman Bridge Screw Debacle.”

Apparently a case of screws fell off of a contractor’s truck and due to this mishap, Les Schwab in Twisp has fixed 70-plus flat tires, all with the same type of screw in them.  Zoinks! She said, “My workmate, Chris, got a flat yesterday and another one today!” That’s really such a shame.

Folks in our parts have a tendency to get goose-bumped and hair-raised about deer, bears, coyotes, wolves and cougars. But we’ve got screws loose, people! If I had a nickel …