Off-the-wallBy Bob Spiwak

The semi-annual West Boesel Car Count was held at the usual time of 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. on Labor Day. The times chosen reflect, by our judgment, a non-peak time when the hordes leave the valley for the calm and courtesies of the other side of the mountains.

Vehicles headed eastbound have not been ignored and are tabulated by our irreplaceable Ms. Gloria. I work what we refer to as “The Westbound Corridor.” Today’s count does not break down types of vehicles. On behalf of the bikers, there were 18 headed west, and four east. The general vehicular count for the hour was eastbound, 75 including the garbage truck, always a favored competitor, and 427 going west.

We consider the morning hour as low-volume, low-peak based on childhood memories when Dear Old Dad would utter words like “We are leaving at 8 sharp, not a minute later!” This was to avoid the traffic, along with hundreds of others.

In the past we have speculated on what this all means in the way of dollars for the community, and while we used to do the math, our approach now is to leave it to you, maybe as a project for your children. Disregarding the cost of the vehicle, add mileage for the vacation, average fuel cost, meals en route, along with lodging for a number of days. Add to this non-edible stuff bought while on the outing. If you feel flush, go ahead and add $250,000 for a motor home.

I have done this many times and it explains why we no longer go farther than Twisp.