By Sarah Schrock

Ski Patrol needs new candidates. Anyone who is interested in joining the ski patrol should attend this Sunday’s BBQ at the Loup. Skiers and snowboarders who’d like to learn first responder and rescue skills while contributing to the skiing community should come to the Loup office at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 27 to receive information on training courses beginning this fall.  An annual BBQ will follow. Current members need to arrive by 12:30 (or earlier) to help with highway clean up.

The ski patrol Outdoor Emergency Course (OEC) is an in-depth, hands-on first responder course designed by the National Ski Patrol to equip patrol members with the necessary skills to deal with emergencies in a mountain environment. Those who pass the course become members of the National Ski Patrol. Membership in the National Ski Patrol includes many benefits, including reciprocity at ski areas (enables patrols to ski for free or at discounted rates), pro deals on gear, and special clinics and training throughout the country. Loup Loup Ski Patrol members are required to volunteer an equivalent of one full day per week on the hill and attend annual refreshers. In return, they can earn passes for family or friends after 2 years on patrol.


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