By Marcy Stamper

The smoke-choked air is impacting the bottom line for local hoteliers who are reporting canceled reservations.

Sun Mountain Lodge has absorbed $75,000 to $100,000 in smoke-related losses, according to General Manager Brian Charlton, including the loss of an outdoor wedding last weekend that included reservations for the wedding party and guests. Additional cancellations and guests who checked out early contributed to the pain.

Charlton added that a week ago the lodge was expecting bookings to be ahead of August 2016, but the cancellations have put it behind.

The AbbyCreek Inn in Winthrop had a few cancellations, according to front desk receptionist Sarah Parks. She added that some guests who checked in opted to stay inside and forego tubing expeditions on the river.

The Winthrop Inn reported several same-day cancellations, including one party that got to Brewster and turned around because of the smoke.

Only Winthrop’s Hotel Rio Vista reported an uptick in reservations. The front desk clerk said some guests were trying to escape bad air in other parts of the state.