Photos by Kim Romain-Bondi

Classroom in Bloom hosted its annual Ice Cream Social and Garlic Pull last week.

By Ashley Lodato

I heard a story recently that made me think of situations that are the opposite of Murphy’s Law. Murphy’s Law, if you remember, is the adage that says “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” But I prefer to think of occurrences where disaster is narrowly avoided by things falling serendipitously into place — where anything that can go right, does.

Such was the situation with Winthrop resident Molly Hogan’s friend Lorna. Lorna has been visiting the Methow Valley for more than 20 years. Her husband proposed to her on a Buck Mountain bike ride; they were married at Sun Mountain.

A few weeks ago, Lorna’s 11-year-old son crashed his mountain bike at Power’s Plunge and injured his wrist; it was tender and swollen. They were able to schedule a late-afternoon appointment at Confluence Health in Winthrop, but by the time they confirmed the appointment they were already at the Twisp pool, where they hoped to swim for a bit before going to the doctor.

Her 6-year-old daughter, however, had forgotten her swimsuit; the swimming trip was in jeopardy. But Lorna figured that this being the Methow Valley, there would probably be something reasonable in the pool’s lost and found. Sure enough, there was, and clad in a borrowed pink and orange Speedo the 6-year-old swam and was even taught to dive by her 10-year-old sister.

Meanwhile, the older brother got treated and splinted by Dr. Linck at the clinic, which totally made his entire summer, as all he’s ever wanted was something broken (as anyone who has ever been an 11-year-old can identify with).

The Speedo was left back in the lost and found for the next young girl in need. Everyone was happy.

You know I love your stories of near-misses and Murphy’s Law in action, but I like to save those tales of agony for the winter holiday season (Christmas card photos! Christmas tree hunts!), when we all need the psychological boost derived from the mishaps of others. But stories of potential disaster averted due to cosmic (or whatever) intervention — I’ll take those any day. It never hurts to be reminded that things generally work out for the best.

In other good news, Classroom in Bloom hosted its annual Ice Cream Social and Garlic Pull last week at the school garden. About 50 people joined the Classroom in Bloom staff to socialize, hear about Classroom in Bloom’s mission and work, harvest garlic for the school cafeteria, and eat ice cream donated by the Mazama Store.

And even more good news — Arrowleaf Bistro is celebrating 10 years in business this summer! Jon and Joanne say that they’re “so thankful to the community and all our wonderful guests.”

Garlic, ice cream, borrowed swimsuits, summer nights in the garden, a lovely neighborhood bistro — life is beautiful.


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