Photo by Kristen Smith
Last weekend’s trail maintenance project was very successful.

The first joint project of the Methow Trails Collaborative on the Falls Creek/Burch Mountain FS #518 trail was a big success last weekend, according to organizers.

The project drew 56 people who helped open an iconic, high alpine wilderness trail. Well over 300 hours of labor was put into the trail over the weekend.

The work was also funded from donations by 46 individuals who contributed to the Save-A-Trail Project that was sponsored by the Community Foundation of North Central Washington in 2016 — $5,045 was raised for this project in that campaign.

The Methow Trails Collaborative plans to continue with this model of encouraging individuals and organizations to join together at least once a year to make a big difference on trails. This project demonstrates that just a little bit of individual time or money pooled together can lead to huge gains for trails.

“We all know there are people out here using and working on trails but this event shows the profound impact and experience you can have when our trail community converges,” said Jon Albright of Methow Trails, who led the project with Micheal Taylor of Methow Trails. “Seeing individuals giving just four to five hours of personal time amounts to hundreds of hours of accomplishment; when you add everyone all together, it is so satisfying.”

The Methow Trails Collaborative formed in 2016 with a goal of opening and maintaining trails by joining forces for a more efficient and collaborative process. The Methow Trails Collaborative includes the Methow Valley Ranger District, Methow Trails, Washington Trails Association, Evergreen Mountain Bike Association, the Methow Valley Backcountry Horsemen, Methow Snowmobile Association, Pacific Crest Trail Association, Rendezvous Huts, guides and outfitters, backcountry skiing, mountaineering, trail running, dirt biking and ATV clubs.