Brice Harrison Butler

Brice Harrison Butler, born on July 7, 1946, passed away peacefully on July 13 after a sudden, untreatable illness. And the world lost an extraordinary person. Brice enjoyed the special people he called “characters,” and he was one. A Roosevelt High School grad and football star, he lived the strenuous life. He was passionate about sports and the outdoors and did both with great intensity right up to his eighth decade. Basketball, fly fishing, skate skiing, cycling, hiking and horseback riding were just a few of his pursuits. He ran a sub-3-hour marathon in his 50s. Brice was a mentor, a guide, and an inspiration to those around him.

Brice made a successful career out of his tremendous creative talents. He was a legend in retail display and store design (the visionary behind all the Sur La Table kitchen stores). In recent years, he designed unique homes for clients who came to treasure him and his architectural vision. He learned color, composition and design from his father and never stopped adding to his toolkit of ideas and inspiration.

Brice came at everything with energy and enthusiasm. He loved music, not only learning to play guitar and sing but also helping to organize a guitar camp for teenagers near Twisp, where he had designed and built a beautiful, environmentally sensitive home.

He was capable of loving and giving deeply. Brice moved in with his father when he became ill, taking care of him until he was well (and lived happily many more years with Brice’s mom, Chris). When Chris was elderly and unable to live on her own, Brice had her move in with him and saw to her daily needs for several years.

Brice was intensely proud of his son, Brandon, and his daughter, Gillian, and took the greatest joy in being with his three grandchildren, Jack, Max and Eva. Brice lost his wife Carolyn to a tragic illness when Brandon and Gillian were small and he was a devoted father to them in those early years and throughout his life.

With his work, travel, sports and music, Brice continued to gather friends who were drawn to his warmth, charisma and generosity. The music that he was so happy to make was played back to him in his final days by some of those who loved him. Many, many more friends, family and colleagues are now joining in sending harmonies of peace and love in his direction.

Memorial service for Brice Harrison Butler will be Sunday, July 30, 2017, 1-3 p.m. at the Freestone Inn.