Tashi Alaina Green

Tashi Alaina Green passed away Friday, July 7, 2017 in Washington state. She was 29.

Tashi was born on Sept. 9, 1987, in Seattle, to her parents Carol Tilley and John Green. Her sister, Kali Green, often referred to her as “Little One.”

Tashi graduated from Roosevelt High School. During this time, she sought out many activities that would enrich her self.

She first found her place at Seattle Canoe and Kayak Center where she kayaked for several years, going to international regattas and competing multiple times at the U.S. National Championships. When not on the water, she enjoyed and took up many hobbies. She could be found reading for hours or working on her latest drawings or paintings.

After high school, Tashi went out to Colorado and California for college, obtaining a degree in environmental studies with an emphasis on sustainability. She had a drive for preserving the world around her and was very mindful of the impact humanity had on the community around them. Not only did she seek to protect these areas, she also took full advantage of these beautiful locations. Her passion for snowboarding skyrocketed, and she could often be found doing laps in the terrain parks. She competed in multiple competitions. Her love for the sport continued as she pursued splitboarding, which enabled her to enjoy the simplicity of touring the backcountry renewing her spirit and love for the outdoors. During the summers, she found peace on the trails, whether it was long runs in the woods or hikes in the mountains. She also took up rock climbing and excelled quite rapidly.

Tashi loved Lake Tahoe and had lived there for many years. The beauty and serenity of the lake and mountains kept her coming back. Since she was 17, she would come home to the Methow Valley and met so many people that touched her life while working at Old Schoolhouse Brewery, Freestone Inn, Mazama Country Inn and Room One, where she worked to assist those who were affected by the Carlton Complex Fire.

While at home in Mazama, she spent many hours planting and nurturing a beautiful flower and vegetables gardens around the home.

Tashi had a beautiful spirit and touched everyone she met. Her laughter and smile were contagious. Her passion and zeal brought and sparked a fire in those around her. She will be greatly missed by all.