By Mandi Donohue

Attention, attention, Mazamazons! This is a public service announcement. This week, Lost River Road saw some changes. Specifically, a speed reduction to 35 mph in a section of road closest to the Mazama Store. Missy Le Duc mentioned that despite the signs, the speeding is still happening and “mostly by locals.”

One car, in particular, for sure, is me. Meep! When she mentioned locals disregarding the speed change (I didn’t even notice the signs), I went to go check out the sign later that afternoon. I took my picture, got back in my car and absentmindedly started going the original speed limit — again. On my way home, I did the same thing. Here’s hoping practice makes perfect?

So where is this new slower section, you might ask? Well, if you’re coming from Lost River, you pass the river to the right and its well-used swimming holes (this week especially). Once you come out of the twists and turns and pass the big open field with the single tree in the middle of it, right before the Le Duc’s “rental property,” you will see a sign that the speed has been reduced.

Photo by Mandi Donohue
Slowing down on Lost River Road will take some getting used to, even for locals.

Missy and Rick started a petition about six months ago and got it approved by the county with a whole bunch of local signatures. Creatures of habit, here’s hoping we can get our act together.

In other news that proves life isn’t going to slow down any time soon, Lliam and I can officially announce that we’re pregnant. Ahhhh! We are big “Walking Dead” fans (a show on AMC about a zombie apocalypse) so we shared the big news on Facebook with references to the show. I will be 12 weeks along at the time this edition goes to press and the baby will be due in January 2018. A little Aquarius baby. We are thrilled! And terrified. A healthy mix?

This is our first little one so there is a huge learning curve. I had always heard about women getting morning sickness and wanting to eat crazy things like ice cream and pickles. I figured most of that was heightened frivolity for good TV. I’m not sure how I had never heard about the monster you slay each day with first-trimester fatigue. It is brutal. Working as a line cook is exhausting in its own right, but to experience this fatigue and work on top of it? All I can say is that in this heat, my heart goes out to any of you mommas in your third trimester. I’m hoping you all find a way to cool off. Just don’t do it by speeding past the Le Duc’s house with the windows down. The river might be a better idea.