Photo by Mandi Donohue
The Sitts’ property near Mazama was the site of a recent estate sale.

By Mandi Donohue

My sweetie had a four-day weekend. He wasn’t the only one. When I asked him to pick up breakfast at the Mazama Store, as my swoon-worthy pumpkin flax granola was gone, he made the mistake of waiting until the line got shorter. It didn’t.

Like a champ, he grabbed another cup of coffee and still made it through, however, and we enjoyed splitting a breakfast sammy and a sour cherry turnover. Lines at the Mazama Store? Can’t say I blame them. Thanks for the treats!

Many locals took advantage of the influx of Seattleites With Four-Day Weekends by hosting various estate sales. Kurt and Sharen Meacham are leaving the Methow’s snowy winters for the drier climate of Arizona. They have a gorgeous property that sold in less than a week. I have a feeling they didn’t have a problem getting rid of anything, but they will sorely be missed.

We also had the pleasure of perusing through the estate sale on the Sitts’ property, another gorgeous home in Mazama. I think many locals have dreamed big about that locale, only to rethink the amount of work and money that would go into the upkeep of such a gem.

Bob and Mary Ann Sitts moved to the area in the late 1960s or early ’70s (so vaguely remembers my husband) and have been a staple in the valley. Bob built the house himself, so it is incredibly unique and beautiful. Bob passed away a few years ago and the estate is just too much for Mary now. Hence, the sale, and potential new owners.

Mary is an artist, so it was really interesting to see her work spaces and the historical and unique collection of items they had acquired over the years. Their house reminded me of Aristides and Jane Pappidas, two local artists, also staples in this valley, that sold their gorgeous house earlier in the year to move closer to their grandkids. Their house was full of artistic collectibles that were inspired by experiences.

These estate sales are really such a celebration of the lives that they lived. Then, there is Lliam and me. We painted our walls this weekend, which seems like such a silly thing in comparison to the house building and grandness of memories collected by the Sitts’. I can’t say our little life isn’t an adventure. We just have so much farther to go, if we’re lucky.

The passing of time of time and what we choose to collect is such an interesting, beautiful, and sometimes bittersweet thing. One can only hope that when we move on from this life, someone else will be there to revel, wonder and appreciate the things we left behind. I can’t help but wonder what stories we will tell …