Photos courtesy of Confluence Gallery
Tess Jenkins

Tess Jenkins has been named Confluence Gallery’s artist-in-residence for the third quarter of 2017, starting Saturday (July 1) and continuing through Sept. 30. She will have a solo exhibit at the gallery in Twisp at the end of her residency.

Jenkins will receive three months of studio space on the second floor of the gallery building on Glover Street.

Jenkins’ portraits try to capture more than just physical form.

Jenkins is a portrait artist with a strong background in figure drawing and human anatomy. She attempts to capture a fuller representation of a person or body beyond their anatomical form, employing  an intuitive process of drawing and painting while following the subjective sensations of looking rather than the objectivity of scientific observation, according to a Confluence press release.

Jenkins plans to create a series of drawings and oil paintings of portraits and self-portraits of people she knows and those she will meet in the Twisp community.

Jenkins, who lives in Southern California’s Mojave Desert, will be in the Methow Valley with her partner while he is building a house in Winthrop. She has exhibited her work since 2007 at galleries in Massachusetts, New York and California.