By Mandi Donohue

On Saturday, locals gathered in gratitude to celebrate physician Ann Diamond’s legacy in the Methow Valley. As the previous owner of the Methow Valley Clinic, the partnering with Confluence Health in Wenatchee was the first step in providing the community with resources that would have been hard to attain as an individual clinic — but even more so, it was a step in saying goodbye to the doctor’s previous “nine to five.” Attendees brought potluck items, and mimosas were served while hugs were exchanged and stories told.

In a very brief speech, Dr. Ann told a story to attendees about how special it is to be a part of a small community. While visiting her mother at a home (out-of-state, I believe), her mother’s friend came to visit. On the way out, this friend tripped and fell head-first onto a concrete surface in the parking lot. When her mother asked the home to help her friend, they wouldn’t attend to her due to liability issues.

Photo by Mandi Donohue
Ann Diamond, at left in blue blouse, enjoyed time with her valley friends last weekend.

Ann was able to help this woman, of course, but it was important for her to mention how lucky we are. Here, people help each other no matter what, because it’s the right thing to do. In the Methow, community comes first and it is an integral virtue not always seen in other parts of the state or country. We take that for granted, indeed!

Though I’ve only been in the valley four years, as a previous patient of Dr. Diamond’s I was happy to attend the event. She supplied me with a prescription for malaria pills and God knows what else I had to take to successfully travel in India without any health scares or tummy issues. Ann and her husband had just spent time traveling in India as their son, Cory, was doing an overseas semester for school. She gave me all of the proper warnings and doctor-ly tips, but also with a sense of balance and adventure. She mentioned I just had to try some of the cooked street food. It made me terribly excited for my trip — and, here I am living to tell the story.

While we’re not sure what’s ahead on the horizon for Dr. Diamond, I trust she won’t have her feet up for long. At the celebration, she mentioned that her name is still in the book, and the relationship she has built with her patients over the years is something that could never go away. We feel the same way. Dr. Diamond, here’s to your very worthy legacy and a host of gratitude for your service to us for so many years. Cheers!