Photo courtesy of Winthrop Gallery

“Hard Day’s White” by Paula Christen will be a part of the “Inspired, imagined, inquiring” exhibit opening at Winthrop Gallery this week.

Inspiration from the natural world is conveyed through jewelry, watercolor paintings and photography in a new show opening this week at Winthrop Gallery. The exhibit is titled, “Inspired, imagined, inquiring.”

Three members of the Winthrop Gallery artists cooperative exhibit a selection of work illustrating their fascination with landscapes around them, remnants of the past, and imprints of humans on their natural surroundings.

An opening reception will be held at the gallery on Saturday (June 3), from 5–7 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

“Inspiration comes easy here,” said watercolor artist Paula Christen. “We all have experienced that instant love affair with the surrounding landscape but after time we don’t really ‘see’ it anymore. It becomes the framework for our daily lives. This collection is about remembering to see and celebrate the everyday beauty found in our backyards and along those back roads.”

“I have always been interested in the intersection between the beauty of the natural world and human expression, seen both in intentional acts of creativity and in inadvertent imprints on the landscape,” said photographer Marcy Stamper. “This work continues that exploration.”

“Fossils are my favorite stones to play with,” said jewelry artist Linda Wick. “I feel it’s unique that fossils are found in many high desert areas which were once oceans. Using silver, fossils, carved faces and colorful stones, my desire is to invite people to explore my jewelry as a mode of satisfied expression. Jewelry is quiet, demanding, bold, supportive, amazing, and great fun!”

The show runs from May 31 through July 24. The Winthrop Gallery is located at 237 Riverside Ave. For more information contact the gallery at 996-3925 or visit the gallery’s website at