By Ashley Lodato

With winter still in full force (why hello, school bus-thwarting storms in mid-March!), Methow Valley residents competed near and far for fame and glory this past week.

Close to home, nearly two dozen three-person coed teams raced alpine, tubing, and Nordic legs of the Community Challenge Relay at Loup Loup Ski Bowl on Saturday. I’ll try to stir up a little Twin Lakes Road pride here by noting that two of the top three teams (HMS Destroyer and Snow White & the Two Dorks) are headquartered in my neighborhood.

To the north, Tracy Ross and Leslie Mittendorf competed in the Sovereign Lakes Loppet in Silver Star, B.C. Never ones to be out-fashioned by Canadians, the Ross-Mittendorfs made sure that their puffy jackets and sunglasses matched their Lycra race suits, reinforcing their reputations as stylistas both on and off the racecourse.

Farther east, in Lake Placid, New York, seven Methow Valley teens (Taya Delong, Travis Grialou, siblings Ella and Walker Hall, Novie McCabe, Gretta Scholz, and Maya Seckinger) joined two dozen other young skiers from around the region on the Pacific Northwest Ski Association team to race at the USSA Cross Country Junior Championships, which included a 5-kilometer skate race, a classic sprint, a 5K classic, and a three-person relay. Standout results include Novie McCabe’s three podium finishes and Gretta Scholz’s bronze medal for the relay, but the other skiers all turned in strong times in the four races as well, as you will undoubtedly read in the sports section.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Laura McCabe, Flash Clark and Ginny Price were doing the Methow Valley proud in the Masters World Cup series in Klosters, Switzerland, bringing home medals in various categories. All three racers were rallied by the cutest cheering squad ever, consisting of Dashe McCabe and Sisu and Neva Clark.

Nearby, almost the entire Gregg clan completed the Engadin Skimarathon, a 42K skate race that for 47 years has been held in the upper Engadin valley, on the south side of the Alps. Jan, Jim, Chad, Alieta, Brian and Caitlin all completed the historic race along with roughly 11,000 other skiers, including the Masters skiers mentioned above plus Katharine Bill (and probably some others I’m missing). Caitlin even brought home a bronze for her performance.

And back in Seattle, seven Methow firefighters participated in the annual stair climb, hauling themselves up 1,356 steps in full gear to reach the top of the Columbia Center building. Bill McAdow, Mark Crum, Jeremiah Fosness, Josh Jankowski, Thor Johnson, Brian McAuliffe and Tiago Pacheco all completed the climb, which raises money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Nice work, active people.



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