The Yakama Nation is proposing a restoration project on the Twisp River approximately 9 miles west of Twisp. The primary goals of the Twisp Horseshoe side-channel restoration include increasing connections between main and side channels and improving habitat for steelhead, spring Chinook and bull trout.

The project includes installation of large wood structures in the main and side channels to improve salmon habitat. It would create a perennial side channel through select excavation and augmentation of an existing levee and riprap. The project would also create new wetlands, in part to compensate for impacts to wetlands from the construction.

The restored side channel would create 532 linear feet of year-round fish habitat, with improved forage and protected areas, according to the proposal. Plans call for revegetation with cottonwoods, willows and other native plants.

The project encompasses about 1.5 acres of Twisp River floodplain. There are two homes, one garage and one shop within the floodplain that would not be affected by the restoration project, according to the proposal. A bottomless culvert would be placed within the levee and riprap area to preserve private trail access to the river.

Work would be done from late June through August, with work in the river restricted to July. The site would be monitored and managed for vegetation establishment and weed control for three to five years.

The Okanogan County planning director has issued a preliminary determination that the Twisp Horseshoe project would have no adverse impact on the environment.

People may comment on the project to the Okanogan County Planning Department by March 22. For more information or to comment, contact senior planner Charlene Schumacher at (509) 422-7113 or Comments are due by March 22.