By Ann McCreary

The Methow Investment Network, a program to encourage local investment in local businesses, was launched this month by TwispWorks.

The program is designed to support Methow Valley businesses by providing an additional means for them to obtain funding to help businesses grow and thrive, said Hannah McIntosh, healthy economy program manager at TwispWorks.

“The network makes it easier to for investors to learn about local investment opportunities and work directly with interested businesses,” McIntosh said.

Last month, TwispWorks hosted a meeting to gauge interested in a Methow Valley investment network. The social hour allowed investors and businesses to get together and learn more about how local investing networks work.

The meeting generated substantial interest and convinced TwispWorks to sponsor the program, McIntosh said.

“For nearly a decade, TwispWorks has been focused on the economic vitality of the Methow Valley, and this is an exciting new step in making our local economy event healthier,” said Don Linnertz, TwispWorks executive director.

The Methow Investment Network is not a loan fund or bank, and does not make collective investment decisions.

It is modeled on similar programs, including one in Port Townsend where the network loaned more than $3 million to Jefferson County businesses during the past 10 years, and is credited with re-energizing the local economy, McIntosh said.

“The Methow Investment Network makes it easier for local residents and visitors to see their money work in the community the love, and provides Methow Valley business owners with access to capital to grow,” McIntosh said.

TwispWorks is now accepting applications from potential investors, as well as submissions from businesses offering investment opportunities.

Investors through the network fill out a simple application form and sign a membership agreement. The forms are available at

Joining the network allows investors to see investment opportunities as they are submitted, but does not obligate members to invest, McIntosh said.

For more information, call 997-3300.