By Mandi Donohue

In Lost River, our little community tends to wind down by 4 p.m. most nights. By 6 p.m., it’s surreally quiet as we’ve all settled in with our guilty pleasure of choice, in our jammies by the fire. I had forgotten it was a holiday weekend until I noticed the evidence for such: entire families out for walks, the zoom of snowmobiles echoing into the night and the couple of random gunshots that may or may not have a story behind them.

During the day, the line at The Mazama Store is awe-inspiring and while at home, you can count on a slow caravan of “realty drive-bys,” where Seattle families dream big and see what we’ve got available in our little neck of the woods. Can’t say I blame them!

With a friend in town, I found myself talking art and photography this weekend rather than playing audience participant to the weekend. Not only did I miss the opportunity to dust off my old prom dress and dance the night away at “The Snowball,” I’ve missed out on the Doggie Dash and Tour of the Methow. From what I understand, however, it sounds like all events were a great success! Tour of the Methow had 100 registrants and there was an abundance of kids on the trails. Hawaiian drinks were served on Cow Beach and lunch was served at the Community Club.  

Photo by Mandi Donohue
There’s still time to sample sushi at the Freestone Inn.

Methow Trails has pictures on their Facebook page of the Doggie Dash that are incredibly funny. I’m always impressed by how our valley and surrounding counties make our long winter feel like spring break on a weekly basis. Between the Ski for Women, Conconully’s Outhouse Races, the Women’s March and Doggie Dash alone, the number of costumed “onesies” in the closets of Washingtonians is pretty remarkable.  I love it, and keep ’em comin’!

Something else to celebrate in the valley during winter is the recurring sushi night at The Freestone Inn. For the past month, every Thursday has been dedicated to sushi rolls, assorted sashimi, warm noodle dishes, ahi poke and calamari salads, to name a few. This Thursday (Feb. 23) is our final night into our raw fish soiree.

Next month, the Freestone gang, led by chef Wayne Holverstott, will venture into another cuisine for “Thursdays Around the World” and you might want to sit down for this. Are you ready? Southeast Asian Night! That’s right, folks — Thai, Vietnamese, all the yummies you’ve been missing in the Methow after a hard ski. I’m both personally and professionally grateful and excited. Ha! Hope to see you!