By Mandi Donohue

If you were to visit San Diego Comicon, the annual comic book convention, you would know that “Star Wars” fans and “Star Trek” fans do not mix. I am grateful, however, to live in a valley where Leia and Spock can ski together at the fourth Annual Methow Valley Ski for Women without an eyebrow or laser beam raised. In fact, the duo looked like two intergalactic, happy rascals about to take over the galaxy. Sigh. A nerd can dream … 

This Sunday’s ski was a blast and an important benefit for Room One. The theme was “fantasy” and there were plenty of women dressed in full costume, with a variety of characters represented to stand along with Leia and Spock: pirates, the seven dwarfs, Lady Liberty, unicorns, pharaohs, playing cards, love bugs, can-can dancers and many more. It was lighthearted and hilarious with a determined and tenacious spirit. This might just be my personal opinion, but I think the Women’s March sparked a reminder within of what makes our gender so special. 

At our best, women are powerful, resilient, brilliant, funny and strong as nails. We are emotional and fierce. A pack of us together is more than a trip to the powder room — we are laughter and friendship, loyalty and hope, a true sisterhood. That is what I felt like I was watching on Sunday and what I felt like was a gift to try and capture through my camera.  

The day started with relays to test the agility of each participant. It was a brutal test of wills but the ladies of the Methow prevailed! They skied backwards; they skied tied together. They even skied carrying eggs on spoons. It was insanity! To finish, they did a lap around the meadows and returned to the Mazama Community Club for a costume awards ceremony, followed by lunch at The Freestone Inn.

More than 50 women showed up to participate and about 20 people volunteered. Even if you couldn’t attend, Room One is always accepting donations. They are an organization invested in this valley like none other and are great contributors to the emotional and physical health of the Methow. To donate, just go to their website,, and click on “Donate Now.”