By Sarah Schrock

When it rains it pours in Twisp, except when it actually rains — that’s more of an erratic combination of drizzles and deluges. I am referring to the flood of events this past weekend, which despite real rain brought people out for fanfare, festivals and the like.

The Merc Playhouse welcomed local folk singer Ken Bevis who opened up for Dana Lyons, a Bellingham-based singer songwriter whose songs draw upon the environmental challenges of our times and celebrate the natural world. Saturday evening, the Fabulous Fall Follies at the Methow Valley Community Center packed the stage and floor at the valley’s semi-annual talent show.  The show’s headliners included a stage performance of Judy Garland portrayed by Nadine Van Hess, violin and vocals by John Sinclair, and poetry and song by Gudron Brunot. Grace Kominak graced the stage with dance while T.R. Stuart spurred the crowd into hoot’n and holler’n while the grand finale by Laura Love and Terry Hunt left the crowd energized.

Across town at the Phoenix Fair at TwispWorks, the fall event included family-oriented games and challenges as opposed to a lineup of performers as in year’s past when the event was billed as the Phoenix Festival. Without the pumpkin patch in Carlton this year, the fair offered a chance for kids to participate in fall games and win prizes.

After weekends like these when there are so many community events going on, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride in this place. Even though I opted to hit the trails or stay home for more intimate gatherings with friends over the weekend, I am thankful to all the volunteers and performers who give it their all to put these events on and keep an energetic vibe going in town. 

It’s that energetic vibe, its cast of characters, along with the raw grit of day-to-day life that makes this town a jewel.

In that vein, I was slapped with some feedback regarding my somewhat worrisome column two weeks ago regarding the growing number of “for sale” signs around town. Many people felt I should have promoted some other fabulous eateries and businesses worthy of your greenbacks: La Fonda Lopez, El Sabor Norteña, FORK, JR Brand Leather, eqpd, and the numerous artist studios and craftsman at TwispWorks. 

The point of my piece was to spend locally, not endorse one business over another. I tried to give suggestions as reminder to those out there who have fallen out of the habit of shopping and eating locally. It’s so easy to click and add items to your cyber shopping cart these days, we all need a reminder now and again to look at what’s here instead of online. Spending your money here in the valley recirculates it to other local services and goods. When you can’t physically visit the storefront, you can still shop locally by visiting, where there’s an amazing assortment of local consumables, gifts ideas and products along with links to local retailers.

Still another way to support local enterprises is to do your holiday shopping at the Saturday Farmers Market (which ends this month) or at the upcoming holiday bazaars. Mark your calendars for Nov. 19 and Dec. 3. This year there will be over 65 high-quality vendors at the Community Center with one of kind homemade gifts and crafts you won’t find anywhere else.



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