Photo by Joanna Bastian The Carlton Feed & Supply Store is small but packed with provisions for all your animals.

Photo by Joanna Bastian
The Carlton Feed & Supply Store is small but packed with provisions for all your animals.

By Joanna Bastian

The Carlton business district doubled in size recently with the welcome addition of the Carlton Feed & Supply Store.

Jill and Pete Scott opened their store about a block away from the Carlton General Store on Old Carlton road. It’s a family business, located next door to the family home, and managed by Jill, Pete, Colt and Christine Scott. Even the family dogs get in on the action, welcoming customers with a friendly wag of tails.

A grand opening celebration on the first weekend in October attracted nearly 100 people, who converged on the wide grassy lawn of the feed store to enjoy a hot dog picnic.

Born and raised in the Methow Valley, Jill and Pete have decades of agricultural experience — understanding the resources that locals need to keep domestic livestock happy and healthy. The farm-shed store may look small on the outside, but there is a surprisingly wide assortment of goods and supplies for a variety of animals. Located on a grassy commercial lot slightly larger than an acre, there is plenty of space to expand the existing store in the future.

A respectable selection of animal feed lines the shelves. Jill carries special blends for aging horses, including a wet cob with molasses, and dry cob. There is a variety of dry dog food for active, young and senior dogs, cat food, chicken feed, rabbit and bird food, dog toys, salt licks, deer blocks and hog food. Behind the store, in covered storage, stand neatly stacked bays of hale and straw for sale. This is just a sampling of what Carlton Feed & Supply carries in-store.

Carlton Feed & Supply even has something for us upright hominids: gourmet popcorn snacks and a freezer full of hearty cuts of local beef, including steaks, roast and ground burgers.

Bulk and online orders are available.Call Jill at (509) 429-6186 or Christine at (509) 449-1709 for orders. Carlton Feed & Supply’s Facebook page is regularly updated with product information, events and fun photos.

Carlton Feed & Supply has an impressive supply of goods, reasonable prices, and convenient hours. Open Wednesdays through Sundays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Drop in to support a local supply store in Carlton.



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