Photo courtesy of Lisa Picklesimer  The bouncy house, shown here at last year’s Harvest Carnival, will be back for Saturday’s celebration.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Picklesimer
The bouncy house, shown here at last year’s Harvest Carnival, will be back for Saturday’s celebration.

By Mandi Donohue

Food. One of my favorite things! There are a lot of events happening this week and next that revolve around seasonal treats and it makes a baker giddy. First off, a friendly reminder from Midge Cross about the community potluck on Oct. 15 at 5:30 p.m. at the Mazama Community Club. She said there would be info on the parking lot development project and anyone is welcome.

Also, Lisa Picklesimer and Dianne Sheehan reached out about the Mazama Community Church’s Harvest Carnival this Saturday (Oct. 8) from 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. There will be plenty for the kids to do — a bouncy house, face painting, cider press, bow-and-arrow shoot, fishing (for candy), pie eating and chicken catching contests, decorating caramel apples and a hot dog roast.  As for the adults, there is an autumn bake-off. Lisa said the bake-off theme is to make “what fall tastes like to you.” The winner will receive a gift certificate to The Mazama Store. How fun!  

In the spirit of even more food, Lliam and I had the great privilege of eating at Arrowleaf Bistro a couple of weeks ago. We were gifted an evening out by some special friends for our wedding and we went home weeping happy tears. I always love my steak frites whenever we dine there but Lliam took the cake that night when he ordered “The S.O.B” (Son of a Butcher). On this particular occasion, it consisted of a roasted pork shoulder on a mound of mashed potatoes. While the pork was fall-off-the-bone, melt-in-your-mouth tender, it was the sauce everything was covered in that made the world spin.  

We tried to nudge our server Brooke for a jug to go (cause we gladly would have purchased eight, or 12) but alas, she said that they weren’t selling jugs of sauce (crazy) and just stated pleasantly that it was a “Tuscan Cippoline Agra Dolce” and that you could probably Google a successful recipe.

Well, after purchasing $126 worth of cippolini onions at Hank’s Harvest Foods, and stewing them for half a day, my sauce was a flavorless onion jam not even worthy of cheese and crackers. I guess some dishes are meant to be relished in your memory and not reworked for daily consumption. Sigh. Regardless, it was the best meal we’ve ever had there and we will dream about it often. A big thank you to Jon and Joanne for a perfect evening!  

The Methow rumor mill is always surprising and comical, so to squash what is, and could be out there, I am currently at the Freestone Inn four nights a week working as a line cook. And yes, I am using recipes much better than mine. Ha! I have to say I really enjoy “slinging pans” and am proud to be a part of the team over there. When I’m not at the 9-to-5, I am working on my website — about to launch soon — called MandiCrocker, that is devoted to food, travel, photography, creativity and inspiration. I am also doing some photography on the side. Anyway, that is where the chips have landed. You’ll have to tell me who won the chicken dinner. Ba-gawk!