Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

Sept. 19

ABANDONED VEHICLE: An abandoned vehicle was reported on Twin Lakes Drive, Winthrop.

Sept. 20

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Caller on Benson Creek reported that a truck had been stuck in a ditch for about an hour, and the caller believed the driver might be an “ex” that the caller had a restraining order against.

TRESPASSING: Caller on Sprague Drive, Twisp, reported an ongoing issue with person who has trespassed previously

THEFT: Caller on Texas Creek Road, Carlton, reported that a gas-powered rock drill had been stolen.

Sept. 21

ANIMAL ABUSE: Caller at Highway 20 location near Twin Lakes Road reported seeing a man kicking a dog at a nearby residence.

Sept. 22

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Caller on Barnaby Road, Winthrop, reported that a person was in their kitchen and claiming to have murdered a bunch of people.

ANIMAL NOISE: Caller on McLean Hill Road, Winthrop, reported a barking dog at a neighbor’s residence.

Sept. 23

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Caller on North Methow Valley Highway, Twisp, reported that someone was cutting trees down on property across the river.

SEXUAL OFFENSE: It was reported that a male student followed a female student and made lewd comments.

Sept. 24

INJURED ANIMAL: An injured deer was reported on Wolf Creek Road, Winthrop.

Sept. 25

TRESPASSING: Caller on Ross Road reported that two people were on the caller’s property cutting down some bushes, and that the two people had been earlier warned to stay off the property.

ASSAULT: Caller on Mertensia Road, Winthrop, reported they had been slapped and had their hair pulled by their mother, and that another child had been threatened with assault.

Twisp Police Department

Sept. 19

THREATENING BEHAVIOR: It was reported that a transient threatened workers at a location on North Methow Valley Highway.

Sept. 21

THREATENING BEHAVIOR: It was reported that the transient who was causing trouble earlier had returned and was causing more trouble.

Sept. 24

ASSAULT: A possible assault was reported on North Glover Street.

VAGRANCY: It was reported that a homeless person was apparently living under a bridge on North Methow Valley Highway.

JUVENILE PROBLEM: Caller on West Second Avenue reported an ongoing problem with a child who attempted to run away.

TRESPASSING: Caller on East Second avenue reported that someone was walking around an apartment building, punching at the air, and appeared to be under the influence of something.

Sept. 25

TRESPASSING: Caller on Barnaby Road, Winthrop, reported that there was someone on the property talking about the zombie killer.

PARKING PROBLEM: A pickup full of wood, with no license plates, was reported at East Fifth Avenue and Canyon Street.

Winthrop Marshal’s Office

Sept. 16

ACCIDENT: A non-injury accident was reported on Riverside Avenue.

Sept. 21

THEFT: Theft of a generator was reported at a location on Riverside Avenue.

Sept. 26

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Caller on Washington Street reported being awoken by the sound of someone screaming, possibly a woman.

Marriage licenses

Gladys Vanessa Espichan Moreno, 41, Twisp, and Randall Steven Leving, 63, Twisp

Sheah Suzanne Mucci, 33, Winthrop, and Alan Jay Ellis, 30, Winthrop