By Ashley Lodato

The hazards of country living are not numerous, but they are certainly unpredictable. Would you ever think a deer would jump through your second-story bedroom window, for example? No, of course you wouldn’t, and neither did Twin Lakes-area resident Josh Cole when he heard a loud crash above him. He ran upstairs to investigate and was a bit stunned to see a deer running around the bedroom, with broken glass and blood everywhere. Josh had to scare the deer back out the window — and luckily the deer jumped back through the jagged hole that it had made on the way in as opposed to breaking another window.

Friends and carpenters Ryan Audett and Wyatt Southworth helped clean up the broken glass and installed a piece of plywood in the window frame. Josh’s wife, Dani Golden, says, “We are still finding blood and shards of glass in odd places,” even a week later.

If it’s not deer in the bedroom, it’s bears on the porch, as some Pine Forest residents discovered when they came home last Thursday in time to see a black bear enjoying a nice dinner of dog food on their deck. The bear liked the dog food so much that it returned for breakfast the following morning.

As if the wild animals aren’t enough to imperil your Methow Valley living, you also have to contend with highway painting. Several residents learned the hard way that the yellow and white lines freshly painted on Highway 20 do not dry instantly, but do create a nice spray of racing stripes on the sides of one’s vehicle if run over at just the right angle.

Danica Ready, who is temporarily living in the Rendezvous, lamented that she had only just washed her car clean of Rendezvous mud before getting the unwanted paint job; otherwise, she says, the thick layer of post-rain Rendezvous grime would have created a protective barrier between her car and the highway paint.

Danica was in good company, though; soon after her own paint encounter she saw another car with an identical paint job parked at Ace Hardware, with its owner crouched down scrubbing away with a bottle of solvent. Danica experimented with a gentle solution — using a latex spatula as a scraper — and found it to be an effective paint-removal strategy. Who knows — it might even work just as well on Rendezvous mud.


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