By Don Nelson

Winthrop’s annual post-Thanksgiving seasonal celebration, “Christmas at the End of the Road,” will continue to be called that for at least another year.

David Gottula, president of the event’s sponsoring organization, the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce, said this week that a proposal to change the event’s name will be considered by the chamber board and members, but no action will come before the 2017 season.

Gottula conceded that an announcement at a recent chamber membership meeting about a name change for the popular event was more definitive than it should have been, creating the impression that a change was imminent. He attributed the confusion to internal communications gaps that have since been closed.

“We may have jumped the gun a bit,” Gottula said.

Gottula said that the chamber board and members need to brainstorm about possible new names, while not necessarily committing to a change.

“We won’t change it just to change it,” Gottula said.

At the recent chamber membership meeting, it was announced that possible new names for the event include “Thanksgiving in Winthrop,” “Thanksgiving at the End of the Road,” or something similar.